• Whiteness is not property: deconstructing critical race theory

    By Lorenzo

    This is a long post, in part because I do not have time to write a short one. It is a response to a 1993 Harvard Law Review essay by Cheryl L. Harris arguing for the notion of whiteness as property. I not only critique that claim, doing so gives me an opportunity to demonstrate the?problems with?the?treatment of “race” by the critical race theory/intersectionalism/identity/diversity streams of thought that the essay is an example of.

    Normally, when I discover a Law Review article on a matter I am concerned with, I am pleased. Law Review articles tend to be thorough, strongly evidence-based, with careful interrogation of key concepts, being thus very useful. The?Columbia?Law Review?article “Polygamy, Prostitution and the Federalization of Immigration Law” (pdf) on immigration bars on Chinese entry, for example, epitomises these virtues.

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    ‘The Earth Below’ – now available for purchase

    By Legal Eagle

    I’m proud to say that my debut novel, ‘The Earth Below’, is now available for purchase, through my publishers, Ligature Pty Ltd, here. There are also links on Ligature’s page to other outlets, including Amazon, iBooks and Kobo.

    I’d like to thank the illustrator of this brilliant cover, Terry Rogers, and Matt Rubenstein of Ligature for doing such a fantastic job with it. It looks AMAZING. And it has been polished until it sparkles by Matt and Helen Dale (our very own Skepticlawyer).?On Ligature’s website, the book is described as follows:

    “Almost a century after the Catastrophe, a group of survivors have built a new society deep in the safety of the underground network.

    Marri knows the rules are there to keep their population healthy and growing, but they don’t leave much room for attraction—let alone love. Her duty is no match for her desire, and now her life is in danger. Can she escape the world below—and what will she find if she does?

    The Earth Below is a dystopia, an adventure and a love story that introduces a thrilling new voice in young adult fiction.

    Commended for the Victorian Premier’s Award for an Unpublished Manuscript 2016.”

    If you read it and like it, please?review it on Goodreads here or on your local Amazon page. In any case, I do hope you enjoy it. And if you just want a taster – try before you buy! – a sample of Chapter 1 is available on my website here.


    Bravado in the absence of order

    By Lorenzo

    Areo magazine has published another essay of mine, Bravado in the Absence of Order, which examines why African-American urban communities have such high rates of homicide and other violence. The essay uses medieval history, and contemporary societies other than the US, to illuminate social patterns that are less clear if one just looks at the US in isolation.

    Taster: The Earth Below

    By Legal Eagle

    My novel,?The Earth Below, will soon be published (probably by the end of the month).

    It’s a Young Adult dystopian novel for older teens, following the adventures of Marri and her friend Felix as they try to survive in their oppressive underground community.

    I’ve put up an extract from Chapter 1 on my personal website at the bottom of the page. I’ll do another post when the book is released.

    Piety display not virtue signalling

    By Lorenzo

    I have an essay in Areo Magazine arguing that piety display is often a more accurate term than virtue signalling for what people are typically referring to. The piece then examines the dynamics of, and the reasons for, political correctness. Read it here.

    Migration complexities and the campaigns against social bargaining

    By Lorenzo

    This is based on a comment I made?here.

    Coming from a country (Australia) with a?much higher proportional?immigration flow than the US, I find US debates over migration odd.

    First, the level of illegal immigration in the US is clearly a huge problem. It distorts the debate, creates a black market in labour and gives lots of voter